Quebec Subaru Dealers Association

2014 Auto Show: Subaru’s Ideas Keeps Growing Bigger

16 January 2014

This year again, the Quebec Subaru Dealers’ Association decided that its appearance at the 2014 Montreal International Auto Show, which is held January 17 to 26, was going to be grandiose. It even seems reasonable to declare that, with its campaign “Enjoy the season”, the bar was raised a notch. For the occasion, the underground parking and all the elevators of Palais des congrès have become immersive winter scenes destined to convey one very specific message: with Subaru’s All-Wheel Drive, one may say good-bye to shovelling and make the most out of the joys of winter.
First of all, an immense, utterly realistic snow bank rises on top of three spots of the underground parking lot. In the middle of that little white hill, there is a hole of the exact shape of a Forester, as if the renowned S.U.V. had just rolled out of it without any hassle, leaving a pair of tire tracks behind it. Right next to that, the visitors may see the back window of vehicle that is stuck under this pile of snow and they may even be able to hear and smell it. Indeed, whenever pedestrians walk by the installation, a motion detector sets off the sounds of an engine that is struggling to start up and produces a string of fake smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.
On all three levels on the underground parking, the entirety of the backlighted signs have been reserved by Subaru, in order to maximize the impact of this remarkable feat. Once visitors walk passed these numerous signs and this multisensory installation, more surprises await. In the corridor leading to the elevators, the picture of a shovelling man stuck under the snow and whose sole shovel-holding hand comes out of the snow bank encourages them to get to level 2. To do so, they must use the elevators, which have also been transformed into winter landscapes. The door of each of them invites them to “make the most out of the joys of winter with Subaru’s All-Wheel Drive,” while the walls show the acclaimed Japanese brand’s various models, as well as the All-Wheel Drive system itself. Finally, the floor has the aspect of a patch of ice and the ceiling resembles the canopy of trees whose branches were stripped naked by the cold.

This year, the Association chose to push its concept all the way to the entrance hall. Indeed, one pillar that is towering in the hall now has the aspect of a gigantic shovel, which bears the mention “While you wait for your All-Wheel Drive.” Lastly, a giant sign from which the new 2015 WRX seems to have gotten away in a hurry teases visitors. It encourages them not to miss its Canadian unveiling at the Auto Show.
This array of original concepts is the work of the imaginative team at agence Rinaldi, under the leadership of Michel Van Houtte, creative director, Patrick d’Anjou, art director, Tanya Foulem, customer service representative, Guillaume Dubois, experiential project designer, and Mirella Mokbel, director of strategic planning.