Quebec Subaru Dealer Association

While you wait for your All-Wheel Drive…

2 December 2014

Just imagine, one fine morn after a blistery storm, you go to dig out your car, and come upon a sight quite out of the norm. Your street, buried in snow, is dotted with many a present: hundreds of brand-new shovels, planted mysteriously by a compassionate angel with good intent. Apparently eager to help you out, this angel left a message that made you feel just fine! And you thought that in Montreal you could get away without All-Wheel Drive!
That’s the surprising, otherwise typical winter morning some Montrealers had after yesterday’s blizzard. As if by magic, 500 brand-new shovels had been planted in the snow banks of seven Plateau streets between Mont-Royal Ave. and Gilford St., bearing the message: “While you wait for your All-Wheel Drive…”
The angels of winter were, in this case, the Quebec Subaru Dealer Association that, along with the creative minds from the Rinaldi Agency, wanted, in an entertaining, all-too-real way, to promote the virtues of All-Wheel Drive technology, even (and especially) in Quebec!
You don’t have to imagine how, one fine morning blanketed in snow, Subaru came to the rescue