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Journal de Montréal : Subaru’s Crosstrek slightly modified

11 November 2015

Subaru no longer needs an introduction. The Japanese brand has carved an enviable niche for itself with cars and utility vehicles featuring simple yet efficient mechanics and, above all, an all-wheel drive that comes standard on all its models (except one!). If one Subaru model embodies all these attributes at once, it is the Crosstrek,which has been slightly modified for 2016.
For starters, the Crosstrek’s name has been truncated: this year, gone is the prefix “XV,” a move that makes perfect sense since no-one pronounced it anyway when mentioning this more robust version of a five-door Impreza.
And that describes the Crosstrek in a nutshell: the Crosstrek takes the Outback template and applies it to Subaru’s compact model.
This explains the raised rocker panel, better adapted to off-road driving; the somewhat more robust build; and accessories slightly more geared toward utilitarian uses and outdoor activities.
This year’s new features are minor. They are basically intended to streamline the vehicle’s external appearance, with a grille that hews more to the look typical of Subaru’s other models, and to make the passenger compartment more comfortable. The console has been tweaked a bit as well.
The small, multifunctional vehicle maintains the same mechanics as last year’s model, including a two-litre Boxer engine that generates 148 horsepower. For safer driving, the car is equipped with an electronic driver-assist system called EyeSight, featuring Subaru’s wall-to-wall sensor technology.
For those with an orange Crosstrek in mind, take note that Subaru has moved away from this signature colour for 2016. The Crosstrek will ship, for those interested, in an exclusive electric blue that sits at the other end of the colour spectrum from the orange hue that has defined the Crosstrek—until now.

Source: Journal de Montréal