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5 Highlights of The Subaru BRZ STI

6 September 2016


While it was officially announced a few weeks after the presentation of the Concept BRZ STI Performance at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, the standard version of the Subaru BRZ STI has yet to be released. It must be said that, considering the exceptional performance and advantages demonstrated by the concept model, fans of powerful and elegant sports cars have plenty to look forward to. While waiting for the few years announced by the group’s high-performance division – Subaru Tecnica International (or STI) – to go by, let’s explore some of the main advantages that we’ve already gladly given this future little monster of the pavement. They’re summed up here in five points:
Excellent handling
It’s worth quickly mentioning here what the Subaru BRZ is all about. For the uninitiated, it’s a superb sports coupe developed in collaboration with Toyota. Sporty at heart and futuristic in its design, this model features a structure that’s clearly lower than that of the other usual models from the star brand. Boasting a sport-tuned suspension with an extremely low centre of gravity, it offers optimal maneuverability and enjoys the benefits offered by the BOXER engine. Well balanced, this coupe thus perfectly responds to various demands – on both straightaways and turns – for optimal driving comfort, thanks to the great interaction between the steering wheel and the braking capabilities that match those of “true sports cars,” such as the famous Subaru GT300.
Subaru’s Boxer engine
Despite Toyota’s involvement, the Subaru BRZ STI should retain the flat Boxer engine, which is a real hallmark of the Japanese brand, and which is all the more important on this very low coupe. The engine design remains typical, with a 4-cylinder 2.0 whose current basic version can reach up to a little over 200 hp. For its part, the concept presented in New York delivered 345 hp. While it’s unlikely that the standard version of the Subaru BRZ STI will go quite that far, it should offer at least 300 hp in Turbo mode. This urban sports car therefore guarantees exceptional performance. It should be noted that, unlike other Subarus, the BRZ isn’t an all-wheel drive model, but instead features rear-wheel drive, which, however, takes nothing away from its driving pleasure.
A fuel-efficient sports car
Toyota’s participation in the design of the Subaru BRZ offers a particular advantage to this model, compared to the brand’s other products: fuel consumption. While many might fear the excessive costs that could be necessary to feed this little beast, the two Japanese manufacturers have arrived at a configuration that combines direct and indirect injection, according to different parameters. The result is a fuel consumption of around 9 L / 100 km, so there’s nothing to fear.
An everyday sports car
The current BRZ boasts a style that’s half-sporty and half-urban; it’s a vehicle with a ferocious look but whose cabin and amenities are designed to allow for great versatility. Inside, sporty details are combined with entertainment options and practical accessories for comfortable everyday use.
The price
At this price, and with such features, the Turbo version of the sports coupe from the Japanese brand is likely to sell like hotcakes.