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5 Advantages of The Smart Key

9 August 2016

Subaru Smart Key

Offered by more and more automobile manufacturers on their high-end models and hybrids, the smart key system is the latest technology available to drivers that makes their lives easier while also improving user comfort.
A practical feature, this key possesses an integrated radio chip that sends and receives information to and from the vehicle, which lets you enjoy all the advantages of this device. Here are five such benefits that beautifully sum up the full appeal of this new technology!

1 – A smart, fast, and practical opening system

Primarily designed to make life easier for drivers, the smart key system spares them from a number of unfortunate situations that can arise with traditional car keys.
Indeed, thanks to its wave transmission device, it lets you unlock your doors quickly and effortlessly. When the holder of a smart key approaches their vehicle from a certain distance (generally within a one-metre radius), the key – which can even remain inside their pocket – comes into contact with the system, thereby allowing the driver to open the door simply by pulling on the handle.
Very useful, the driver saves time by not having to look for their keys in the rain, in the cold, or in emergency situations.

2 – Start your car with a simple push of a button

Before, to start your car, you had to insert the key and turn it. Today, it’s possible to start the engine simply by pushing on the start button. To further clarify, even if another occupant of the car tries to start it, it won’t be possible if they don’t possess the smart key, since that’s what activates this function.

3 – Forgetting your keys is a thing of the past

If you don’t need to insert a key to start your car, there’s clearly no chance that you’ll leave them in the ignition once you arrive at your destination. This type of incident, which unfortunately happens all too often, is thereby avoided.

4 – The doors lock automatically when you exit the vehicle

Many drivers forget to lock their doors when they leave their vehicles. With a smart key, this concern is completely resolved, since when the driver exits the vehicle and leaves the key activation radius, the key systematically locks the car doors.

5 – An additional level of security against theft

Contrary to popular belief, smart keys are a real plus for the security of the automobiles equipped with them. Depending on the manufacturer, they incorporate highly advanced anti-theft measures such as rolling codes that are projected and that undergo prior verification by the car’s onboard computer before unlocking the doors. Encrypted chips are also used in certain models to increase the security of these devices.
In this regard, several Subaru models are available with a smart key system for a better driver experience, especially in periods of stress!